7 Minute Workout Review

A full Review of The 7 Minute Workout by Joel Thereien and Chris Reid

Why a 7 Minute Workout?

7 minute workoutBefore getting into explaining the 7 minute workout routine which will bring about change in your body, let’s first go over the emotional connection between exercise and the reasons why most of us consciously or unconsciously, desire to skip it or have a hard time embracing it as part of our daily routines.

To put in simple terms, our body naturally produces a chemical reaction which was designed to protect us from things we don’t enjoy doing, naturally recognizing it as unpleasant for us.

This chemical reaction is registered by the brain as negative feelings or emotions. Once this happens, just the thought of doing undesired things like “exercising” creates powerful emotions, which makes us want to skip working out. Most people call these facts laziness, here, we are going to call them” common sense”

over-work-outThe truth is all of us are wired different. We enjoy different things. There are lots of people who gain pleasure from several degrees of pain. Is fair to say people who are drawn to exercise and spending a whole day at the gym, react positive to stimulus most people will NOT enjoy.

These kind of people get joy from fitness programs where they have to prove themselves and work hard several hours a day, they enjoy the idea of sweating and working rigorously, regardless of the pain.

They love feeling exhausted.

We have realized their feelings towards working out are not the norm, and in most cases these are the characteristics of professional athletes, not someone who has a LIFE and just wants to work on their body without the extremes.

Some of the routines done by professional athletes were later found to cause the body some forms of traumas, with the most common being back pains.

We have heard of several professional athletes who had surgeries, shoulder problems, knee problems and all kinds of injuries associated with hard training.

We know of cases where many professional athletes spend their live after 40, trying to heal their body from the pain of intense training.

Truth to be told, long workouts have nothing to do with having the body you desire. The old “no pain, no gain” is a myth.

7 Minute Workout ReviewIn fact the 7 Minute Workout abolishes all MYTH behind long hours of working out, breaking down muscle physiology to its simple basis, showing testimonials of why and HOW a 7-minute workout can be effective in giving YOU results.

Long workout routines, don’t work, because most people don’t do them. They either don’t have the time or don’t enjoy working out for extensive periods of time. Even worse these kind of routines turn most people off working out. It becomes a big deal for those who can’t motivate themselves to workout for 45 minutes or more.

On this website we are going to present you with a revolutionary solution which can help get the body you want with only 7 minutes a day 3 times a week!

7 minutes a day, 3 times a week = 21 one minutes of exercise a week.

How Does the 7 minute Workout Works?

We grow muscle by breaking it down and then rebuilding it. Must people don’t realize, it doesn’t take long to break down muscle. With resistance is very possible to break a muscle, repeating a movement 6 or 4 times.

7 Minute Workout Video

The 7 minute workout is about intensity.

After the muscle has been broken down, you can work on it further by using an exercise that works the same group muscle in a different way.

The 7 minute workout is definitely not one, which introduces new weird routines, as you will soon figure out. This is merely a mind over matter kind of thing with special emphasis paid on the routines you already know.

A lot of people just can’t find the time to regularly workout at the gym these days. That is mainly why the 7-minute workout system flourishes. By offering people on the move a great compact system to ensure they get a complete workout in just a few minutes.

A 7 Minute Workout Solution?

why 7 minutesIf it so happens, that you are one of the last people on earth who hasn’t heard about the 7-minute workout, here’s a basic guideline of how it works:

The program comprises of a thrice weekly plan which is very convenient. Just picture a far much healthier version of you and all you have to give in return is 21 minutes every week.

According to people who have tried this method, the testimonial’s they give praising it say a lot about its effectiveness. When you consider that over 90% of people fail to benefit from fitness programs, the positive reviews put it all in perspective.

The workout system is further unique in that it has solutions for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are new in the world of fitness and are just there for the health benefits of working out. You will get the same results an athlete would, despite applying different levels of the workout system.

The creators behind the program know exactly what everyone needs in their 7 minutes. With their combined knowledge garnered from the long history in athletic disciplines, Chris Reid and Joel Therien know quite a thing or two about this subject.

Joel TherienThe amazing thing is that despite the fact that people are different when it comes to workout requirements, there is a 7 minute plan custom made just for them. If you frequent the gym you may have seen some of your fellow peers in sheer agony. You may have wondered why they would ever subject themselves to such pain. The reason is usually that they figure that it’s the only thing that works well for them.

After realizing most people consider long working out programs a torment, the two pioneers brought forth this great system.

When talking logic, there is no better way than to offer something that has worked well for you as is with the case by this workout system. If this is not enough for you, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, in the rare chance that you find the system unhelpful.

The motivation behind the 7 minute workout is significantly noteworthy, it comes from within.

The basic feeling you get after each exercise serves as a great pushing factor. Why not try this great system and see the results firsthand, you have nothing to lose except a few seconds of your day. The results from the 7 Minute Workout program will simply blow you away.

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7 Minute Workout Routine

September 12, 2012

7 Minute Workout Information

While more than half of the Globe’s population is either overweight or obese, there are more and more people who can’t find the time to work out in order to drop some weight. Weight gain is starting to become chronic and there seems to be nothing to be done against it. Well, Joel Therien and Chris Reid have decided to put an end to such issues and create the perfect training program, 7 Minute Workout, which surprise, lasts only 7 minutes a day. The good news is that you won’t even have to do the exercise every day of the week as long as you do it 3 times a week.

7 Minute Workout Creator

Joel Therien
7 Minute Workout

Both Joel and Chris are elite athletes who believe too much exercise can lead to a 40 year old body that dreads in knee issues, shoulder problems, back problems and other chronic pain. While Joel is a world class natural body builder and Chris an International Martial Arts competitor, they sustain the idea that less is more. It is obvious that excessive weight loss programs soliciting the body to endure pain and stress don’t lead to extraordinary results. The secret is in quality and intensity, not at all in quantity. And this way, The 7 Minute Workout Program got born.

Taking a glimpse over the logical explanation, we realize muscles get built and improved by being broken down and rebuilt again. It doesn’t take long to break down a muscle. Just by applying resistance during a movement, and repeating that movement 5 or 6 times, we manage to break down the muscle.

Building Muscle With 7 Minute Workout

After that has been done, muscles will get broken down further, by performing different movements which employ different muscle groups. Even more, the muscle groups will be employed in different ways, so again the resistance will be implied. The same movements will no longer be able to be performed at all, after 5 or 6 repetitions of this kind.

The 7 Minute Workout Program uses this simple method and muscle groups perform 3 or 4 different movements (exercises) until failure. Failure doesn’t mean you drop dead; it’s that time when the muscle can no longer perform under the same circumstances. For instance, let’s say you were able to perform 1 pushup after another, and at your 5th you could no longer do any. This is a good example of muscle failure. The 6th pushup becomes impossible.

7 Minute Workout

A good exercise doesn’t require you to target and focus on a muscle group too early, as the recovery lasts for more than 10 full days. A good exercise will allow your muscles to recover and get rebuilt into stronger muscular tissue. With this program, the muscular recovery is fully achieved in 7 minutes or less and the recovery period lasts 10 days.

7 Minute Workout Results

The most amazing thing regarding The 7 Minute Workout Program is people who don’t enjoy exercising or don’t have enough time for it, don’t have to really do it.Join the 7 Minute Workout and discover how easy it is to do 7 minutes a day, 3 times a week and why it is more than enough for you to become fit.

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Benefits of The 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout Benefits

The outdated exercising methods no longer work. People have to face more and more weight issues, yet they no longer have the time or the availability to exercise. Many of them run away from exercising due to the fact they simply don’t enjoy it. Two elite athletes, Joel Therien and Chris Reid, have decided to apply some of the methods they have used during their careers in order to help others lose weight more simply and naturally with their exercise program called the 7 Minute Workout. Joel is a world class natural body builder and Chris is an International Martial Arts competitor. They claim 7 minutes of every day exercising, 3 times a week is more than enough to lose some weight at a fast pace.

7 Minute Workout Keeps Workouts Fun

They address the mental connection between the actual exercise and the desire to either skip it or enjoy it. In other words, out brain’s chemical reaction protects our bodies from things we don’t enjoy doing. If we don’t take pleasure in performing an exercise, the body starts recognizing it as being bad for us. These reactions are called negative emotions or feelings, and they have the ability to make us skip or delay the activities we are being engaged in. Joel and Chris call this common sense, while the entire fitness world claims this is laziness.

However, they stand besides the principle that no one should do what they don’t want to do and that less is more, rather than “no pain, no gain”. And that’s how The 7 Minute Workout Program has been created. While many of the programs force their trainees to sweat through pain, this program is based on intensity and not quantity.

The bottom line is people who need to lose weight have never succeeded it by excessive training. On contrary, they have ended up with great pains and physically destroyed by the age of 40. It is obvious excessive training simply doesn’t work. You don’t have to struggle with chronic pain just to lose some weight.

While the weight issue seems to be present everywhere in the world, with more than 50% of the population being overweight, there is no need for people to end up suffering from muscular pain and ruptures.

7 Minute Workout + Healthy Diet

7 Minute Workout

Just like any other weight loss plan, The 7 Minute Workout Program doesn’t have the power to function at its maximum parameters without a healthy diet. People who intend to lose weight should consider consuming a diet that helps them stay healthier. Raw foods, avoiding fast foods and trying to detoxify once in a while will most likely encourage your 7 Minute Workout Program to function better.

A green coffee bean beverage in the evening won’t hurt at all. On contrary, combined with the fitness program and a healthy diet, it will encourage the metabolism to function at unbelievably fast speeds.

In their weight loss trying-outs, people have managed to perform activities they hated because they thought that was good for them. This is an example of determination, yet those days of useless training are gone. The 7 Minute Workout Program allows them to exercise only 7 minutes a day, 3 times per week and lose weight more naturally.

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